RiggingCalc is an online rigging plan generator for the tower industry. It combines rigging force calculations and equipment verification to produce ANSI/ASSE A10.48 compliant rigging plans faster and with greater accuracy.

RiggingCalc.com is a force and equipment capacity calculator for rigging configurations common to the communications tower industry. This web based tool aids competent riggers in generating rigging force calculations in a format that can be used with Rigging Plans. Work can be saved and printed from a secure on-line account; best of all it is currently free.


  • Helpful prompts, error checking, and an instructional video to aid in accurate calculations.
  • Rigging calculations saved online that can be accessed in the future or used as a starting point for other projects.
  • Ability to input detailed sling connection information, which allows for forces on the tower to be displayed in a way that Qualified Engineers can use for analyzing the tower.
  • Personalized rigging equipment database, which allows for the working load limits (WWL) of the equipment used in rigging the tower to be checked and documented.
  • Produces a PDF summary of the project information, inputs, and calculated forces, along with the equipment check.
  • A resource for rigging information including a template for rigging plans, a growing list of providers for Qualified Engineering Services as required for Class IV rigging plans, Safety and Training Service providers, and Equipment Suppliers.